First half of 2022 - Combine prediction and calendar plan to benefit your workforce

It's summertime. The summer can now be enjoyed the same way it was before Covid. We'd also love to share some great news from us!

SynPlan has been standardised and ready to be used in different settings for municipalities. In the 1st half of 2022, we have been working with several municipalities, such as Trondheim, Oslo, Hitra, and Indre Fosen. The results with from testing units in Trondheim showed that the municipality saved 6.7% cost while cutting 50% of the planning time for the staff. See more about how Trondheim has been maximising the benefits of using SynPlan on or Kommunal rapport ($)

At the same time, we have developed Synplan further with new features, including Shift Planning and Calendar Planning with sick-leave prediction taken into account. Now planners at municipalities don't have to spend much time making their own shift plans and calendar plans. We work closely with Ibera Consulting to provide the full service of planning for municipalities. Ibera has years of experience working with municipalities in workforce planning in Norway. Learn more about our combo service. 

We passed the first phase of the EIC funding application, which is an EU funding supporting innovative companies with great feedback. At the same time, we are grateful to have big hospitals signed up as pilot partners. The partner list includes: Oslo University Hospital, St. Olav Hospital (Norway), Helsinki University Hospital (Finland), Barts Health NHS Trust, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (UK) and RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust (UK)

In May, Werner Christie, former Minister of Health, was on the stage at Helsedatadagen, sharing about the full-time work culture and how to avoid spending excessive amounts on part-time employees. He also had fruitful discussions with people from the government, such as Helsedirektoratet, and Norsk helsenett. Watch Werner’s talk.

That's it. That's our first half of 2022, full of activities and excitement.

We know that there will be a busy planning season after the summer. And we're here to help. Let us know if we can support you in any workforce planning task!

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