Our vision

At SynPlan, we believe that modern technology can greatly improve the quality of services and increase the satisfaction of the humans behind them. With an ever-growing demand for healthcare professionals and an ageing population, efficiency and good planning are key to meet the challenges ahead. Having combined expertise in the field of AI and healthcare, we want to empower healthcare organisations with smarter and more efficient tools in their workforce planning process. Our goal is to provide support for a tedious and time consuming task that ultimately will benefit the humans behind the work and those receiving the services.

Our team

Our team consists of longtime experienced individuals from both industry and academics. Having used AI to solve real-world problems for over a decade, our founders have a good understanding of the technology and its application. Furthermore, SynPlan also has board members and advisors from both the tech industry and the healthcare sector.

Werner Christie
Werner Christie
Chairman & Former Minister of Health
Dr Werner Christie is the first Minister of Health of Norway in Dr Brundtlands Cabinet 1992-1996, and former chair of the Biotechnology Advisory Board of Norway (www.bion.no) and WHO’s Stop TB ( www.stoptb.org). Werner is a Medical Doctor also educated in Social Science. He is also a strategic adviser and Adjunct Senior Lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School.
Lars Dahle
CEO & Co-Founder
Lars Dahle is pioneer in digital health and a senior executive with 10+ years experience in setting up successful healthtech company named Dignio. He has extensive experience in building an international presence with local team and through partnerships. Lars is also Member Board of Directors of SINTEF, one of Europe's largest independent research organisations
Hai Nguyen
Hai Nguyen
Founder & CTO
Hai Nguyen is the founder of SynPlan. He has more than 12 years of experience in building AI & ML products, services. Hai has worked in Telenor ASA for more than 6 years where he leads several AI/ML projects on cyber security, fraud detection, recommendation systems and IoTs for Telenor. He was also an Associate Professor in AI/ML at NTNU.
Pinar Öztürk
Pinar Öztürk
Scientific advisory & Co-Founder
Pinar Öztürk has more than 25 years of experience in AI & ML research. She has been leading several EU/H2020 projects on AI/ML & applications. She is a Professor in AI/ML and a core member of Open AI Lab at NTNU.